Samantha Polanco

Growing up, Samantha stood by the side of her father and grandfather who were avid landscape photographers. By the age of 13, she had spent so much time in darkrooms that the love of photography had been passed down the family tree. Samantha poured herself into the art, spending four years after High School traveling the globe and  taking stateside classical training, perfecting her craft. With the change of the times and the digital era Samantha has leapt in with both feet utilizing all the tools necessary to capture every moment. Growing up in Coastal San Diego's beach culture the more she dove into the craft she found herself romanced by the art of natural light photography. Allowing the warmth of nature to be felt in every portrait. Being a wife and mother Samantha knows how fast life speeds by and the importance of capturing not just the people in a photo but capturing the moments that we never want to let go.