Samantha Polanco

Thanks for stopping by! I am Samantha, friends call me Sam some even call me Sammy! I am a San Diego native who grew up as the usual Socal baby who fell in love with the sunshine and ocean. I have been shooting for 20 years now. I first discovered Photography from my dad around age 10, he and my Grandfather were amazing hobby photographers who loved the influence of Ansel Adams and the 70's surf. Then fortunately I was blessed to have amazing supporters through teachers, family and Professors in my primary school days all the way through college. I started with film and fell in love with developing my own film and images in the darkroom, that experience is priceless. I have been privileged to be able to travel many times to Africa where I have left a piece of my heart. When digital era began I jumped into the industry with both feet. I am romanced by the art of natural light lifestyle photography and all the options you have to create memories with visual storytelling. I am a wife and mother of 3 hilarious kids and one cat named Kevin! I love all things coffee and potatoes and I am mildly obsessed with goats! (I hope to own one in the near future) I would also love to hold a sloth they are my spirit animal. Our family has a passion for serving the less fortunate in our world, as a proud mom I can say my kids have a tender heart for those in need. We are foster and Adoption certified and plan to add that into our crazy tribe in the next few years!  I know how fast life speeds by and the importance of capturing not just the people in a photo but capturing the moments that we never want to let go, I would be honored to work with you!